Be Kind to Myself

My therapist, who I’ve been seeing for a couple of months in order to try to deal better with my compulsive overeating, reminds me that I need to be kind to myself.  One aspect of my life that I can apply this to is deciding which eating habits are acceptable and once I figure those out, I need to let them slide and stop beating myself up about them. 

For instance, finishing off my son’s two spoonfuls of frosted flakes in the morning, is that really such a bad thing?  Is that really a terrible example of my compulsive overeating or is just a ‘normal’ , typical thing that a lot of moms often do?  I’ve spoken to some friends and found out that this behavior was normal.  Same as when I pack snacks for my kids to take to school. Is it really so awful to take a couple of goldfish or teddy grahams because it makes me happy at that moment and doesn’t lead to a an out of control binge? 

I’ve taken my therapist’s advice and decided that these are things that I can live with.  They are acceptable behaviors to me, they do not make me gain 20 lbs in one day and I don’t have to beat myself up them.  It feels good to have made that decision.  Progress.

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